Lily Allen

Lily Allen is not a popular choice to replace Two Door Cinema Club as Latitude headliner!

After singer Alex Trimble fell ill Two Door Cinema Club had to bow out of this weekends Latitude Festival earlier today. Not to worry though, festival organisers moved quickly to arrange what they thought was a suitable replacement – with none other than pop superstar and voice of our times Lily Allen.

It’s a shame, then, that quite a lot of ticket holders were not happy with the addition of Lily Allen – mostly on the grounds that these days she’s more famous as the sister of the guy on Game Of Thrones who got his dick chopped off. Oh, and she sang someone else’s song for a Christmas advert. Hardly the stuff of a festival headliner, is it?

The abuse got so bad on Twitter earlier, Lily had to step in and request everyone give her a break:

Which is fair enough, really. It’s not her fault the organisers asked her. I’d say yes as well if they asked me!

So just chill out everyone, it’s a festival – it’s meant to be fun. Besides, Mogwai are on the BBC 6 Music Stage at the same time so whoever is playing the main stage is moot!

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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