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kasabian live review Sheffield

Kasabian – Sheffield O2 Academy, Sat 4 June

For a band who could easily sell out arenas and stadiums, Kasabian raised a few eyebrows when they announced their only non-festival appearances this summer would be four intimate warm-up shows. Those raised eyebrows inverted into frowns of frustration for most of Kasabian’s fans as the predicted scramble for tickets left a lot either empty handed or having to pay through the nose on second-hand ticket websites.

Their decision to keep these warm-up shows on the intimate side was probably so they could try out their new songs in a tighter and safer environment than the unforgiving, cathedral-like open spaces of arenas – so we’ll get to them first. Of the two they debuted tonight, ‘Switchblade Smile’ sounds the most promising – boasting a pulsating drum beat and fractured vocal and guitar lines, it’s reminiscent of ‘Empire’ and is sure to rival that song as a live favourite over the summer. ‘Velociraptor’, meanwhile, doesn’t sound as instantly ‘massive’ as ‘Switchblade Smile’, but it’s relentless tempo provides a great platform for Tom Meighan’s energetic and always enjoyable front-man posturing.

The rest of the set was the predictable run-through of Kasabian’s greatest hits and biggest crowd-pleasers. ‘Club Foot’, ‘Underdog’, ‘Empire’ and ‘The Doberman’ all sounded like the polished electro-rock stormers we’ve come to expect – reducing the packed crowd into a sweaty mess of bouncing limbs in the process. The band threw a bit of a curveball by following a typically monstrous rendition of ‘Fast Fuse’ with a Pulp Fiction breakdown, which segued nicely into the always memorable ‘Vlad The Impaler’. They repeated the trick during the encore, with Serge leading the band through a cover of ‘I Feel Love’ after a surprisingly flat ‘Stuntman’.

The set finished with a resounding ‘LSF’, which led to the now traditional mass sing-along as the band departed the stage and lasted until they returned for the encore. This began with ‘Switchblade Smile’ and ended with ‘Fire’ – which prompted another mass sing-along which spilled out onto the streets of Sheffield as the sweaty and satisfied crowd made their way home.

Although it was a little disappointing that the set didn’t contain a few more new songs, you can understand why. Kasabian have now amassed an electrifying set-list of songs that put most of their contemporaries to shame – which means they can slowly incorporate and fine-tune a few new songs without sacrificing their fans’ enjoyment of the show. After all, they don’t go through the expense and stress of getting tickets to hear a load of songs they can’t sing-along to!

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3 thoughts on “Kasabian live review – Sheffield O2 Academy…


    (2011-06-07 - 7:33 pm)

    what time did they come on stage?


    (2011-06-07 - 8:19 pm)

    Hi Lee, they were supposed to be on stage for 9 but were about 20 mins late…


    (2012-03-23 - 8:30 am)

    Are you kidding me!? This is by far Kasabian’s worst album to date (and I am a fan which makes it all the more tdiappoinsing). And there is nothing to appreciate about lyrics like Velociraptor, he’s gonna find ya, he’s gonna kill ya, he’s gonna eat ya or chewing a monkey brain . My three year old could write those lyrics. Overall, the most tdiappoinsing album of the year for me, as I had such high hopes!

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