Graham Coxon says there will ‘definitely’ be another Blur album…

Blur guitarist Graham Coxon has told a newspaper the reformed britpop band will ‘definitely release a new album’. In an interview with the Daily Record, the guitarist said of Blur’s triumphant reunion shows a few summers ago:

“2009 was an amazing healing experience for us. We were really swept away with it and got a lot out of our systems. We realised how much we still had in common, that we are good friends, that we are brothers.”

“We’re always going to meet up and want to play things. We do like recording. Eventually, even if things aren’t around the corner, Blur will do more recordings together. We all love each other and still like making music so that’s not a bad start.”

Blur are set to enter the studio in preparation for their forthcoming appearance at this years Brit Awards, where they will pick up the Outstanding Contribution To Music Award. When asked about the award, Coxon said:

“It’s pretty nice to be getting the Brit award. We haven’t planned the rehearsals yet, but there will definitely be another Blur album.”

As well as his ongoing work with Blur, Coxon is currently promoting his latest solo album ‘A + E’ – which is out in April.

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    (2012-03-23 - 4:34 am)

    bullshit ! 3rd song im listening that onsuds like bridge in some oasis song..after dont believe the truth hes doing real tasteless crap .. his new songs are simple-stupid like some liams do ex. songbird Dear Noel, it seems youre done go play father for your children put guitar in the corner and come back when youll have something really good !

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