Glastonbury 2014 headliners latest: Metallica and Manics make their case!

Both Metallica and Manic Street Preachers have been talking about playing Glastonbury next year.

Rumours about who may or may not be playing next years Worthy Farm festival have been swirling since Michael Eavis’ tantalising revelation that he already has the headliners lined up – and all three of them have never played the festival before.

Fleetwood Mac are still the red-hot favourites to be headlining one of the days – but all the odds depend on whether we believe Eavis’ assertion that none of the headliners have played before.

If that is true, then US metal demigods Metallica must have a decent chance of headlining. Their drummer Lars Ulrich has been speaking lately about Glastonbury and was quoted by MTV as saying:

Every year there’s probably less chance of us doing it than the previous year, but it just looks like it would be a fun night out. We’ve been fortunate enough to play every other festival on this planet numerous times, so Glastonbury is the only one that’s eluding us. There’s such a vibe and it’s maybe the most quintessentially English festival. Everybody who goes there loves it and obviously Michael (Eavis) doesn’t need our help – I completely appreciate and respect that – but if he ever wants to get hold of us we’re in the Yellow Pages and ready to go!

Of course, Ulrich wouldn’t be saying this if Metallica were indeed one of the headliners that Eavis has already booked – but do we believe that the headliners are all confirmed already?!

Another band staking their claim for a Glastonbury slot is Manic Street Preachers. During their appearance on 6 Music with Lauren Laverne today Nicky Wire suggested a 20 year anniversary show for their incendiary 1994 album The Holy Bible is on the cards:

I’ve had a good rummage in the attic and there’s plenty of stuff. Lots of letters from each other. Lots of notebooks really that I forgot we had, myself and Richey especially. It’d be nice to do some sort of thing, we’ve wrestled with the idea of doing a gig playing the whole of it, but I’m not so sure… I’d like to do it at Glastonbury actually, I really would.

Obviously the Manics have played Glasto before – who can forget all that furore about them having their own toilet! – so that rules them out of headlining if Eavis is to be believed. I’m not sure they’re a headline act these days anyway – I can definitely see them on in the evening blasting through The Holy Bible though.

Who’s your money on for a Glastonbury headline slot next year? For what it’s worth I reckon it will be Fleetwood Mac, Prince and Daft Punk.

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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