L-event EP

EP stream: Autechre – ‘L-event’

Electronic pioneers Autechre have made their brand new EP ‘L-event’ available to stream for a limited time. The EP is set for release on 28 October and is the first new material from the Warp Records legends.

Being the trailblazing boundary-pushers that they are, Autechre have come up with a slightly different take on the whole online streaming thing. Instead of a simple audio player, you can embed the stream into any given website and watch it get all glitchy.

It’s a bit hard to explain so it’s best you just see for yourself, to stream ‘L-event’ and watch it glitch up the All-Noise website, click this link.

Pre-orders for the EP are up and running, to find out more go to Autechre’s official website.

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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