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Country Group “Gone West” : New Single “What Could’ve Been”

Colbie Caillat and her Fiancé Justin Young joined hands with frequent collaborators Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy last year and formed the Group “Gone West”. They have produced back to back hits like ‘Confetti’ and ‘This Time’.

Now they are here with their new single “What Could’ve Been”. They all have showcased their collective talents through last year’s EP ‘Tides’. The song as it seems tells the story of a failed relationship.

No relationship ends on one persons fault. As a clap requires two hands, the mends and breaks of a relationship also require two. As the Duo sings “I know I coulda kissed you harder, and yeah you coulda followed through, Shoulda talked a little bit softer, But we meant every ‘I love you’”.

There is always regret after every relationship at some point in the years to come. Colbie talked about it on an interview “It’s just about two people that maybe let their relationship fall apart and then they think back years later on what they could have done differently and maybe they would have been still together”.

Listen to New Single: “What Could’ve Been” by Gone West

Post Author: David Watt