Dua Lipa and BLΛƆKPIИK’s, “Kiss And Make Up” Is Already A Bop. Stream Here:

The English Singer and Songwriter, “Dua Lipa” has finally Premiered the delux edition of her debut album, “Dua Lipa: The Complete Edition”. As the full edition is now released. what’s new? It has three more songs on it including, “Running”, “Want To” and the all new song, “Kiss and Make Up”.

I am here to talk about the song, “Kiss and Make Up” because two of these new songs are already known. “Want To” was released first for the commercial of Jaguar and “Running” was performed by her live.

Ok now, this brand new single , “Kiss And Make Up” features the K-pop girls group, “BLΛƆKPIИK” from Seoul, South Korea.

This song is a banger! It’s a lovely Synth-Pop Production and is about the importance of love, I guess. Ladies are trying to make the things right and not to breakup with their love. Look at some of the chorus, “How about we leave this party?’Cause all I want is you up on me, Tired of hearing sorry, Kiss and make, kiss, kiss and make up”.

Listen To Dua Lipa’s New SOng, “Kiss And Make Up”:

One Last, I am expecting these girls to give us some more! I love the collaboration.

Post Author: David Watt