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Days are numbered for Twitter #music

Twitter’s #music app looks to be on the verge of shutdown just six months after it was released to much fanfare.

Early reviews of the service were not very favourable, and it looks like Twitter #music has failed to capture the imagination of users – with Twitter chiefs now apparently looking to shut-down the service.

Twitter#music was intended as a way to integrate music recommendation and discovery with the social mini-blogging site, with new music suggestions based on what a users Twitter followers were recommending. It seemed a half decent idea, but in the face of high competition and a lack of full integration with Twitter’s main service (you have to go to or use a separate app to access it) it has seen ‘abysmal’ usage and engagement according to sources.

App analytics company Onavo provides the below breakdown of just how bad the Twitter #music app has been performing since the initial peak after its launch:

Twitter music

After ranking as high as number 6 in the iTunes download chart when it launched, Twitter #music had a lowly August AppRank of 1,672 – which must feel like a bit of a slap in the face for Twitter execs.

The failure of #music is a rare mis-step for Twitter, and isn’t the best of news as the company prepares for its billion-dollar IPO next month – but they’re not the first major online company to mess up a music strategy, and they won’t be the last!

What do you think about Twitter #music? Will you miss the service when it closes? Join the discussion in the comments below…

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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