Single: “Close Up” by Zendaya

Zendaya is a household name in the US. Her Disney series “Shake It Up” was a massive hit. She is now working on a new series on the same channel and she is getting a lot of attention for her role. At the same time, Zendaya is also getting ready to push the release of her second studio album. According to news, she will be releasing this album in 2016. Her debut album was released back in 2013 and it seems like the right time for the Californian talent to deliver her second album.

The only hit that Zendaya could harvest from her debut album was “Replay”. That too, wasn’t a massive hit but it was merely a moderate hit. However, now it is time for her to deliver goods and she has done that. It looks as if she has matured as a singer despite being only 19 years old. She is ready to deliver quality music that we would love to listen.

Zendaya premiered a new music video for her new single titled “Close Up” today. This new single will be included in her upcoming LP. It’s flawless but it’s just a buzz single. Think of what she is going to deliver for her album. I’m sure it’s going to be as good as the buzz single is. The new LP will be released through Hollywood and Republic Records. The record labels have already concluded a deal with Zendaya that will allow her to try new sounds and experiment with her creative-self. Watch the music video. I’m sure you’re going to replay this video tons of times.

Watch “Close Up” music video by Zendaya

Post Author: David Watt