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Christmas gift ideas for music lovers…

Fancy lights and trees have started going up in town centres, boxes of mince pies have invaded supermarket shelves and soppy adverts for department stores are all over the telly – yep, it’s officially run-up-to-Christmas time!

If all these sudden festivities have taken you by surprise and left you struggling for gift ideas, then struggle no more, as I have helpfully put together the below selection of great Christmas gift ideas for music lovers. If you have any more gift suggestions please feel free to add them to the list using the comments box at the bottom…

iPod Touch
Obvious choice, I know, but you really can’t go wrong with Apple’s flagship mp3 player, which comes in a variety of colours and is available in a selection of memory sizes – from 8GB to 64GB. So if you need to get a Christmas gift for someone who loves their music on the go, then sort them out with an iPod. You can even supplement it with some…

The go-to present for every imagination-lacking gift buyer! They may seem a bit obvious, but with something as personal as musical taste, vouchers can be a great Christmas present. For music lovers, iTunes or Amazon vouchers are always very welcome, and a Spotify gift voucher is also likely to be well received!

Music-related books
Proper music fans love reading about their musical heroes – so auto/biographies always go down well on Christmas Day. New music-based books out this festive period include: one by Suggs, Tracey Thorn’s (of Everything But The Girl fame) ‘Bedsit Disco Queen’, ‘The Holy or the Broken’ (about the Leonard Cohen / Jeff Buckley song ‘Hallelujah’), Lil Wayne’s ‘Gone Til November’, yet another book about Morrissey (‘Morrissey International Airport…’) and loads more. Whatever the musical persuasion of your gift-recipient, you’re almost certain to find a suitable book for them this Christmas.

Box sets
Whenever a band announce that they’re releasing a ‘special’ box-set version of their album(s), I always wonder who would buy such an over-priced and seemingly pointless product? But then it dawned on me, desperate gift buyers are exactly the kind of people who would buy them! They make for the perfect gift for fans of the band, and even appear like you’ve made some effort! As you can imagine, there’s plenty of musical box-sets available this year, from artists as diverse as Mumford & Sons, Miles Davis, Black Sabbath, Bruce Springsteen, The Jam, Kiss, Rage Against The Machine and much, much more.

Deftones tshirt

Band tshirts
Band tshirts (or hoodies, let’s not discriminate!) are a great stocking-filler, and pretty easy to get hold of. The only tricky bit comes from making sure you pick the right band – that niece who was into My Chemical Romance three years ago might have grown out of them by now, so you might want to do a bit of research before committing to a purchase!

Gig tickets
As with the above, research is paramount here – but if you get this right you could well earn legend status in the eyes of your music loving recipient! If you’re having trouble with the research then you could play it safe and get some Ticketmaster vouchers. Or, if you’re feeling very generous, plump for some summer festival tickets (or the cash to buy some when they go on sale).

There you go, some pretty simple but very effective Christmas gift ideas for music fans. Like I said at the top, please feel free to share any of your own cool gift ideas.

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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