Camila Cabello performing her songs at a concert

Camila Cabello was at the Lollapalooza Argentina 2018. There, she was one of the most anticipated artists and she didn’t disappoint any one. She was just amazing, not only with her appearance and performance but how she decided to bring all her new songs to the concert. She performed many of her new songs including “She Loves Control”, “Real Friends”, “In The Dark”, “All These Years”, and “Into It”. Now that’s a real treat and I’m sure every Camila fan had difficulty sleeping after listening to so many new songs in one night.

Camila has been focusing on “Havana” and according to many bloggers she needed to move on. She them premiered “Never Be The Same” and gave some TV performances. But again, she was performing “Havana” instead of her new songs. With “Havana” already on top of charts, Camila decided to move along finally and decided to give us a lot of new songs on the night of 16th. With these songs premiered, I’m sure Camila will be working on promoting them now. We might see video treatment for some of these songs, especially “She Loves Control”, which sounds like a surefire hit.

Apart from giving her fans something new to listen, Camila has also done the trick for her world tour. So, if you haven’t bought the tickets yet, go ahead and grab ’em before they are all gone. I’m not sure you can still get them but there is nothing bad in trying at least. Listen to all of her new songs performed in Argentina below.

Listen to “She Loves Control” by Camila Cabello

Listen to “All These Years” by Camila Cabello

Listen to “In The Dark” by Camila Cabello

Listen to “Real Friends” by Camila Cabello

Listen to “Into It” by Camila Cabello

Post Author: David Watt