Boyce Avenue No Limits

EP review: Boyce Avenue – ‘No Limits’

Boyce Avenue’s seven-track EP is a downbeat but evocative collection of songs with a strong OneRepublic and The Script vibe flowing through the tracks.

Though there’s not a huge amount to differentiate between the style of the tracks, there is a flowing connection between the individual songs. Opener ‘Speed Limit’ starts things off well with a memorable and quickly singable chorus, a style shared by ‘One Life’ even if the ‘YOLO’ style theme has been touched on many times before. ‘I Had To Try’ continues the multi-layered vocals that add extra depth to the songs and quickly proves that the EP is a similar sounding, but very listenable affair.

‘Scars’ is a bouncy number that balances against the darker subject matter, and includes a live-friendly call-and-response post-chorus. Before the extended play wraps up with the first two songs done acoustically, the Milkman featuring ‘I’ll Be The One’ adds a more club-vibe to the record and wraps everything up with a more positive-looking outlook even if it falls on less original stylings.

‘No Limits’ is a great EP and it’s definitely worth grabbing the entire package.

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Post Author: Philip Lickley