Becky G is Back with English “Zooted” Bang – Listen and Watch Here!

It was hard for me to believe but a treat to know that Becky G is back with a bang and Yes! Becky G is singing in English. It took almost 3 years but seems like decades, her last English single was “Break a Sweat”, but unfortunately it was a flop and broke the camel’s back. That was the reason she moved to just singing in her Spanish comfort zone with much success.

Becky G new single “Zooted” has been in constructive form for very long but finally released on digital platforms this Friday early morning. It is a collaboration with ‘Farruko’ with Spanish raps and verses. So, it’s not entirely an English track and “French Montana’. Check out “No Pressure” by French Montana Feat. Future. Her previous single was “Sin Pajama” with Natti Natasha collaboration which was in Top 10 in Hot Latin Songs Chart on Billboard. You can check that here: New Single Review: “Sin Pijama” by Becky G [Review + Music Video]

Becky G also premiered the Official Music Video “Zooted” and it is a trap song about having a great time and being affected by alcoholic things and love. The visuals perfectly go with the mode of the song. Becky G will be found having a blast at massive house party with heaps of alcohol. It is her debut video, I mean with blonde hairs. She sings in intoxication “The room is spinning ’round and ’round/ And tonight goin’ stupid/ I wanna wake up in the clouds” She even connects audience with her singing the lines “Tell my friends I’m pullin’ up/ Put some liquor in my cup.”
Becky has more stuff to cheer you as well because she is working on two albums, one in English and the other of course in Spanish.
Stream “Zooted” Here!

Watch “Zooted’ Here!

Post Author: David Watt