Single Review: “No Pressure” by French Montana Feat. Future

French Montana has released a new single “No Pressure”. With this digital release, you can now listen to this song in high-quality at the end of this review.

This single marks a milestone for French Montana and that’s to collaborate with the best rapper in the world – Future. French hadn’t collaborated with Future so this is kind of a really major milestone for French Montana as well as for his fans.

“No Pressure” is a great song, something you’ll agree to once you have listened the single below. However, despite it being so good and a dream collaboration, French Montana is yet to announce anything major about the song. Would it be part of his upcoming studio album? Will it just become a one-off buzz song? Is it only for the fans? But this last options can’t be true because if this was the case, then French would have definitely given away the song as a free download.

This song is a milestone for French in another way as well. If you have been hearing about the recent social media scandal that French found himself int he middle of it, you’d know what I’m talking about. Listen to the song and you will know that it’s the kind of empowering confidence-boosting song that French really needed at this time. And it’s EXACTLY that song.

Listen to “No Pressure” by French Montana featuring Future

Post Author: David Watt