Beady Eye The Roller Single Review

the roller single review Yes, we know we’ve been talking a lot about Beady Eye recently – but with the rate they’re throwing out new material, and the lack of anything  else going on, can you blame us!?

Whatever you think about Liam and his new band (and people tend to have some strong opinions!), you can’t deny they know how to promote their stuff.  Following the online releases of Bring The Light and Four Letter Word (which each created their own digital stampedes), ‘The Roller’ – their first single proper – continued the growing buzz around Beady Eye with its debut on Radio 1 this morning.

Like most of the music Liam is involved with, you spend half the running time trying to place where you’ve heard it before.  Lennon’s ‘Instant Karma’ seems the most obvious ‘source of inspiration’ on ‘The Roller’ – which is more measured and romantic than the previous two Beady Eye releases and suggests the forthcoming album will be a rounder, more eclectic offering than the narrow rock and roll stomper a lot of people are expecting.  Another Liam trait evident is the quasi-mystical, often impenetrable lyrics that only seem to make sense on the record: “I’ll take you somewhere, you never knew you’d be / I’ll give you something, you never knew you’d feel / The only thing is, everything is real / Tonight, tonight, tonight”.

So, there’s nothing really new to hear on ‘The Roller’ – but those looking to Beady Eye for forward-thinking, progressive rock and roll are probably missing the point.

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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