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Arcade Fire release new ‘Reflektor’ trailer

Arcade Fire are going to do something on 9 September. We don’t know exactly what yet, but we do know it has something to do with the above ‘Reflektor’ graffiti that was painted around major cities last week.

Along with the graffiti, that has also made its way onto various random social media postings, has been the 9 September date at 9pm – or ‘9/9/9’.

‘Reflektor’ will probably be the name of Arcade Fire’s new album, that much is pretty obvious, but details are scarce on exactly what will be revealed on 9/9/9. Seeing as they’ve gone to so much trouble, it’s unlikely the big reveal will just be a bland press release announcing the album, release date, tracklist and all the other boring details. Hopefully it will be something a bit more exciting like a full album stream, done in some kind of inventive way.

Anyway, the band have stirred up all this speculation by releasing the below trailer for the ‘Reflektor’ project – featuring some new music:

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