“Coming With You” by Ne-Yo

Ne-Yo is having a bad time as his upcoming album “Non-Fiction” has failed to make any noticeable progress. The album is yet to be released. All the singles from the album have already seen the exit and the only single playing on radio as of now is “Time of Our Lives” ft. Pitbull. Even this track isn’t doing as good as one would expect. Despite all this, Ne-Yo keeps releasing new tracks.

“Coming with You” is yet another single from this upcoming album. The album will be released on January 27th but its fate is already decided. It is strange that Motown Records is still releasing new singles from the album when it has become a well-known fact in the music industry that the album isn’t going to do any good. In fact many critics believe that Motown Records should hold the album release considering the response it has received so far.

Probably Motown Records was thinking that “Coming With You” will prove to be an album savior but unfortunately it has nothing like that. With dry mid-tempo dry beats and dull flat rhythm, there is hardly any chance that this track will do any good for either the album or Ne-Yo. Nevertheless the video for “Coming With You” is really cool and chances are you might actually like it. Watch the video below.

Watch “Coming With You” by Ne-Yo

Post Author: David Watt