Zayn Malik Announces “Dusk Till Dawn” Featuring Sia

Zayn Malik has finally announced a new song titled “Dusk Till Dawn”. This new single will feature the hit-maker Sia.

This brand new single is titled “Dusk Till Dawn” and it is planned to come out on September 7. I’m sure this song will receive a killer reception as fans have been anxiously waiting for Zayn’s new song. With Sia featuring in this song, Zayn has made the right move. Sia is already known as a powerhouse singer with amazing songwriting skills as well. Will she be co-writing this song with Zayn Malik? As of now, I haven’t been able to find any info about songwriting of this song but I’m sure we will find out as soon as the song comes out in a week’s time.

It has been 3-months since Zayn released his last single as a solo artist. Now that’s been a long time considering Zayn is just kicking his solo career. I feel like he should have given us a few more songs by now. But anyway, we still got something to hear and hopefully, Zayn will continue giving us more songs especially when he receives good response from this new single.

Zayn is also planning a music video to premiere along with the audio. That means we will be able to enjoy this video along with the audio. It also indicates that Zayn will be promoting this new single very seriously, definitely aiming for top charts. Now that’s something we want from Zayn to make his singles reach the global audience and become major hits.

The upcoming music video for “Dusk Till Dawn” will feature actress Jamima Kirke and Marc Webb will direct the visuals. I’m sure it will prove to be pure FIRE. Fingers crossed until the audio and the video comes out on digital platforms next week.

Post Author: David Watt