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Watch “On + Off” by Maggie Rogers – New Music Video Review

Maggie Rogers has premiered a captivating official music video for her latest single titled “On + Off”. This new single is definitely the most promoted single from the singer we have seen so far. This music video is a part of the commercializing her music and making it accessible to a larger pool of audience. This move will definitely help her reach a bigger global audience that will help her to meet targets for her debut studio album that is planned for a late 2017 release via Capitol Records.

In the music video, you see some girls showing off their dance moves as Maggie uses them as background to show her beauty to the camera. She looks gorgeous and the girl has some killer dance moves as well. She has all the confidence in the world to face the camera. Now that’s what you call introducing yourself to the global audience. It’s a great video and I’m sure Maggie will get a lot of views for it.

Maggie Rogers is still to solidify her status as a true talent. Her overnight success has helped her get to places that she had never been but people will doubt her for good reasons. After all, we don’t see someone getting such a viral treatment when there are plenty of talent hunts searching for budding artists all over the country.

With this new song “On + Off”, Maggie has definitely sent a strong evidence of her natural talent to the critics. She has an original voice that’s getting impatient to reach its peak. Just give this song a try and you will know how good Maggie is despite everyone trying to label her as ‘overnight success’ and ignoring her real talent. Watch the music video “On + Off” by Maggie Rogers below.

Watch “On +Off” Music Video by Magie Rogers

Post Author: David Watt