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Watch Camila Cabello Perform “Never Be The Same” On Ellen

She is only 21 and she is already one of the most streamed artist EVER!

These were Ellen’s intro lines for Camila Cabello who was at the show to perform “Never Be The Same”. With that kind of introduction, audience have every right to expect brilliance.

Camila Cabello was went beyond expectations and delivered a performance that will be remembered for weeks. It’s simply brilliant. Audience went crazy as you could hear never-ending cheer at the end of the performance.

The performance starts with a closeup of Camila. She looks stunning in the red background. As the song changes the mood, so does the background color from red to green and the camera zooms out.

Camila looks flawless and delivered her verses flawlessly in this “Never Be The Same” performance. The colorful backdrops told a story of their own and the ‘arms’ that would come around Camila added to the artistic side of things. I love everything Camila had in store for this performance. Watch the performance below.

Watch Camila Cabello performing “Never Be The Same” on Ellen

Post Author: David Watt