Watch BTS footage from Taylor Swift’s “Delicate” Music Video

The music video for Taylor Swift’s “Delicate” is already a hit. That means a lot of her fans would be interested in seeing the behind-the-scenes footage. Anticipating that demand, Taylor Swift has eventually released the BTS footage for her “Delicate” music video.

In the BTS footage, you will see Taylor Swift practicing her swift moves that she does flawlessly in the final video. You will see how she struggled with the moves early, especially with splits. It wasn’t perfect by any means but what you see in the official MV is nearly perfect. That means she’s put a lot of heart and effort into shooting this video. That’s one of the things Taylor wanted to show her fans through this footage in addition to telling them how much fun it is to shoot a music video. Forget about the kind of insane money it takes to produce these videos for Taylor Swift.

This special BTS footage also shows some kicks and twirls that Taylor performs with total confidence. Watch the footage below.

BTS Footage – “Delicate” Music Video by Taylor Swift

If you want to see the final product, go ahead and watch it here in our “Delicate” by Taylor Swift post.


Post Author: David Watt