Watch Music Video: “Delicate” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has premiered the official music video for “Delicate” – the latest single from Swift’s current album “Reputation” to get the video treatment.This new song made its debut during the iHeartRadio Music Awards 2018. That was where Taylor performed this new song and then followed it up with the official music video. So the American singer had already prepared the video and wanted to give audio and video to her fans on the same day. After all, Taylor knows the power of music videos and there is absolutely no way she could ignore giving her singles the video treatment they deserve.

The video was uploaded on VEVO. The song “Delicate” is produced by Max Martin and Shellback. The music video for this new song is directed by Joseph Kahn – who is definitely Taylor’s favorite director and we know he will be directing most of her videos after their mega hit videos in 2017. It’s a good news that Taylor has decided to keep her team together. She has already enjoyed global success with her video direction team and I don’t see a reason to change that winning combination.

In the “Delicate” music video, Taylor is talking about the delicate side of her life. She opens up about her celebrity life and how she is tired of being watched all the times. The 24/7 petrolling by paparazzi and how her life has become a public property. She doesn’t like that any more even if she enjoyed the celebrity status for years. She wants to become invisible. She explains how it would help her lead a better life – one where she would be able to go private whenever required. Watch this beautiful music video by Taylor Swift below.

Watch “Delicate” Music Video by Taylor Swift

I honestly didn’t expect a music video like this for “Delicate” – truth it doesn’t fit the song at all – but you know what? The replay value of this video is incredible. The story is definitely very enganging.

Post Author: David Watt