Video Review: “Gold” by Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons is going to release its new album “Smoke + Mirrors” on Feb 17th and fans are waiting anxiously for that release date to arrive. Meanwhile, Imagine Dragons have released video for their track “Gold”. We’ve already heard the song on radio and to be honest many of us are already getting annoyed with it but still there is the video we’ve all been waiting for.

The video for “Gold” isn’t a typical high-budget video that will blow your mind off. It doesn’t have visuals that can make a bad video look good and it lacks plot of any sort. It seems as if the video was shoot in a hurry with minimal budget. Probably Interscope deprived Imagine Dragon of a decent budget considering the upcoming release of the album.

This reflective folk-rock track is good music despite the fact that video isn’t equally good. Although “Gold” may never get closer to the popularity of “Bet My Life”, it is still a decent track that shows a different side of Imagine Dragons.

The music video for “Gold” has the entire band on stage performing under the flashing lights. The lights are intense and the performance is really good but don’t expect anything else in the video.

Watch video of “Gold” by Imagine Dragons

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz