Update: Camila Cabello has premiered “Never Be The Same” Music Video – WATCH NOW

After teasing her fans with a short snippet, Camila Cabello finally released the official music video for “Never Be The Same” exactly as she promised. The music video is totally awesome like everything you have seen from this girl – be it her videos or her performances. She’s been totally awesome after leaving 5H.

“Never Be The Same” is Camila’s follow up single to “Havana” – the single that topped charts and helped Camila reach these heights of fame. It’s the second official single from her debut “Havana” album. The album hit the stores early 2018 and it seems like it’s going to stay hot throughout this year, especially after watching how Camila is working on her second single. Expect her to keep going. I don’t see this girl backing off at any point.

“Never Be The Same” is written by Camila Cabello and a team of writers. You could feel that from the lyrics. The song is produced by Frank Dukes and Leo Rami. I think with the kind of promotion this song is getting and how audience responded to this music video, Camila has another hit in her hands. If she continues pushing it with some awesome TV performances like she did with Havana, I don’t have any doubt that it’s a hit.

The music video is straightforward. You see Camila Cabello showing off her fashion skills. You also see some private footage. Apart from that, you won’t find anything special in the video. There is no story and I’m really not sure what Camila is trying to achieve with this video. Nevertheless, it’s getting decent response and that’s what matters for Camila for now.¬†Watch the video below.

Watch “Never Be The Same” by Camila Cabello – Official Music Video

Post Author: David Watt