Camila Cabello: “Never Be The Same” Music Video SOON – Watch A Preview

Camila Cabello has shared a sneak peek of the official music video for “Never Be The Same”. The Havana-hitmaker has probably now decided to promote another song as “Havana” has reached the heights already. I was kind of surprised when she decided to continue promoting Havana even after it hit the number 1 spot on charts. I feel she should have changed her focus to “Never Be The Same” back then. Nevertheless, now that she is going to give us the official music video for “Never Be The Same”, a worthy follow up single to Havana, we are happy.

The music video will come out today, any time.

As of now, all we have is the sneak peak from this upcoming visual that Camila shared on the social media. The video has VHS treatment, which reminds of the visual she released earlier (private footage). The vibe I’m getting from the sneak peak couldn’t be wrong because you’re going to see some private footage in this visual.

The most interesting thing in this short snippet is the way it ends. Camilla tells the cameraman to ‘turn it off’ and boy she’s really angry when she says so. What is it that the cameraman caught and Camila doesn’t want it to go public? Not sure what it could be but this is what keeps me waiting for the full video to come out. I kind of want to see where Camila would go with this.

Watch the sneak peak of “Never Be The Same” Music Video by Camila Cabello

Post Author: David Watt