The Queen of Pop Does It Again!

Madonna is doing it again! She made waves this year already when she was thrown backwards while on stage at a concert and got back up, continuing to perform even through her pain. Nothing can stop her, and that is a fact. This blonde bombshell of an entertainer is going back out on her tenth tour, the Rebel Heart to celebrate her new album, “Rebel Heart”, which came out in 2015. If you love her, this tour will be right up your alley as a fan.

Her metamorphosis from the beginning as a sometimes shocking pop star during her “Madonna” tour in 1985 to the stage-dominating seductress that she has become for her newest tour in 2015 is an amazing one. She came from a small town in Michigan and had to literally claw her way to the top of the charts in the early days of her long-standing career. Flash forward to the present, wherein she takes over cities and even countries with her very presence, and her career is nothing short of astonishing. The goddess of song now lives in New York City now and travels the world, known in almost every culture out there as the “Queen of Pop”.

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour

Her career has ranged from the shocking ( Papa Don’t Preach) to the provocative ( Erotica), to the passionate ( Bedtime Stories), to her newest venture ( Rebel Heart) which proves that age is nothing but a number when it comes to putting on an amazing and captivating show for her fans. She has done countless months worth of service for cultures across the world, has donated time and money to various charities, and is one of the most famous women in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records, boasting the title of best-selling female artist of all time. This time around, she wants to get up close and personal with her fans, both old and new, and we couldn’t be more excited as fans to hear this!

You can get in on the action and see her in person if you buy Madonna tickets first.This will definitely be a tour that you won’t want to miss. She will be starting out in Florida at the end of the summer in 2015 and ending in Scotland in December 2015. The Rebel Heart tour is going to be an awesome, new type of tour that will surely knock your socks off. With nearly 40 shows booked for this tour, you can almost surely see her in or near your city. Madonna puts on an epic show and this one is not to be missed. You can get your Madonna 2015 tour tickets through the aforementioned website, but you had better make it fast! These tickets are sure to sell out completely no matter where you live.

Madonna Concert Experience

If you want the best show from the best female performer of all time, make sure you get your tickets now. Madonna is going to be amazing as usual on the Rebel Heart tour, and I know that I don’t want to miss out on the show. This will be one of the most amazing concert experiences that you could ever have, so grab a ticket or two and enjoy the show! Her performances have never disappointed crowds and this is sure to be a fan favorite as well.

Post Author: Harvey Dyer