The Cast Of Cheers – ‘Family’ album review

The Cast Of Cheers – Family

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If you like your hooks infectious, your melodies punchy and your guitar lines sharp, then you’ll like Dublin quartet The Cast Of Cheers’ debut album Family. Probably a lot.

Previous singles ‘Family’ and Animals’ showcased their talent for propulsive, attention-grabbing indie-pop songs, and the album wastes no time in building on their early reputations as a great party band. The very Bloc Party sounding ‘Pose Mit’ is probably the pick of the bunch, although ‘Human Elevator’ is as ridiculously catchy a single as your likely to hear all year. The nonsensical lyrics even add to the charm.

Obviously, The Cast Of Cheers struggle to maintain such momentum throughout the album, and Family falls down on the slower and more introspective songs like ‘Palace And Run’ and ‘Marso Sava’.

There’s plenty of fun to be had here though, and also a lot of promise. The energetic ‘Goose’ and tender ‘Go Getter’, in particular, suggest The Cast Of Cheers could become a very good pop band. They just need to add a bit more depth and craft to their art first.

Family is out now on School Boy Error / Co-operative Music

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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