Fantasia holy ghost art cover

New Singe Review “Holy Ghost” By Fantasia

Fantasia has dropped a new single titled “Holy Ghost” and along with it she’s given us the release date for upcoming 7th album. She has also released the cover art. Considering the fact that Fantasia has already given us a few songs from this album, it already sounds like something we a lot of people […]


Watch Music Video “Sleeping With The One I Love” Fantasia

Fantasia has released a new music video for her latest single “Sleeping With The One I Love”. The music video is quite dramatic but you might think that Fantasia hasn’t delivered it right. Maybe she wanted to do it a little differently and the video came out otherwise. “Sleeping With The One I Love” may […]

Single Review: “Ugly” by Fantasia

Fantasia is definitely full of surprises. Could you even think about her doing country music? I know a lot of you can’t picture that but you don’t have to picture it anymore. You just need to listen to her latest single “Ugly” which is country music-inspired song. I don’t know if I should write her […]