Fantasia holy ghost art cover

Singe Review “Holy Ghost” By Fantasia

Fantasia has dropped a new single titled “Holy Ghost” and along with it she’s given us the release date for upcoming 7th album. She has also released the cover art.

Considering the fact that Fantasia has already given us a few songs from this album, it already sounds like something we a lot of people will be immediately pre-order. If you do so, you will get this new single right away. That’s a big promotion thing that Fantasia is doing and we hope it will help her move ahead with her album marketing.

As of now, the album looks like it could really help Fantasia take over the world. She has released two singles from the album so far and both are doing amazing. One is actually sitting at number 2 position on Billboard R&B charts. Now, this new single “Holy Ghost” is already sounding like a hit.

Fantasia’s new album Sketchbook will be about showing to the world what it doesn’t know about the singer. While talking about it, Fantasia told the press that it’s a personal journey. She wants to tell the world that painting (her music) is still incomplete and she wants to show it to the world. Probably that’s the reason this album is kind of genre-free. Below, you can listen to her latest single and pre-order the album.

Listen to “Holy Ghost” By Fantasia

Post Author: David Watt