Stream Ariana Grande’s new “Christmas & Chill” EP

You won’t believe this but it’s true. Ariana Grande has released a full EP (6 songs in total) titled “Christmas & Chill” just for the holidays. She really loves her fans and looks like she didn’t want them to only have Michael Buble and Mariah Carey for this Christmas. Finally, her fans have 6 songs from their favorite singer to listen throughout the festive Christmas season.

Ari released the EP yesterday. It came as a surprise as there was no news of any EP to be released by her on Christmas. The album has six tracks in total where the first one is just an intro to the EP. Ariana Grande previously released a Christmas EP back in 2013 and now this is her second Christmas special EP.

Ariana has timed this EP perfectly as she is planning to release her new third studio album titled “Moonlight”. As of now, Ari and her label have some planning issues but this EP will take fan’s attention away from that for now. They can patiently wait for things to settle as they have something to listen to now.

The EP is all about Ariana showing her vocal range. She’s pint-sized and has a small mouth but she’s definitely got an incredible voice as you will witness in this EP. She is definitely going to be a super star this Christmas especially if she plans to give away some free t-shirts with her album’s title printed on them. Think of it how cool it would be wear a t-shirt saying “Christmas & Chill”. Stream her album below and keep coming back to see if we inspire Ari for branding some t-shirts.

Stream “Christmas & Chill” EP by Ariana Grande

Post Author: David Watt