Stereophonics have two new albums ready to release…

Stop the press! Welsh rockers Stereophonics are back, and according to frontman Kelly Jones they have two new albums ready to be unleashed.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Jones said:

“Last year was the first time in 14 years that we didn’t tour, and it’s meant the new records don’t sound like anything we’ve done before. We’ve had time to just go into our own studio and mess about, and it’s resulted in a bigger-sounding style, very grand and filmic.”

The first of their two albums should be released around about October this year, with the second out about 18 months later. Kelly has also apparently written a film based on some of their new songs, which he says may be ready for the big screen at the same time the second album is released.

As if that wasn’t enough super-exciting Stereophonics news for one day, Kelly also revealed he has been chatting to urban stars Tinie Tempah and Labrinth about some possible future collaborations. The singer said:

“I’ve been talking to Tinie about doing something together. We’re up for it – it’s just finding the time that’s been a problem. Labrinth is a properly talented guy too. He’s been saying he wants to work with me, and I’d love to. 

“I didn’t know these boys, but they’ve been coming up to me at festivals, saying how much they love Stereophonics. It’s flattering.”

Watch Stereophonics – ‘Maybe Tomorrow’

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