Single Review – Ariana Grande “Break Free” Feat Zedd Is a Smash Hit

Ariana Grande is probably the biggest thing that has landed in the pop industry this year. She became an instant hit with her inescapable single “Problem”. Her latest single “Break Free” is a surefire smash hit that will rule the charts for coming weeks. In fact, the single has already started climbing up the charts in the UK and USA.

“I only wanna die alive – Never by the hands of a broken heart”

“Break Free” opens with a signature Mariah “hoo” anthem on the dance floor and quickly ‘breaks free’ into electronic beats that rock the dance floor. These pumping beats and stellar synths last for the rest of the song and make it a catchy floor-filler and a euphoric experience. With such catchy music and powerful voice, Ariana is destined for big things in her music career.
The single has received some criticism for its lyrical shortcomings, but that isn’t going to stop it from hitting the #1 position on charts. Grande is on her way to international fame with her insistence on singing only grammatically correct lyrics and powering it with her catchy pop vocals. Listen to “Break Free” by Ariana Grande or watch the video below.

Watch Video on YouTube – “Break Free” by Ariana Grande

Post Author: David Watt