Single Review: “When Your Feet Don’t Touch The Ground” by Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding has already released her new album titled “Finding Neverland”. The album is available in offline and online stores so you can get it no matter how like purchasing new music. But if you aren’t crazy about Ellie’s music and all you want to listen is only good music, then you don’t actually have to download this album. There is one song that stands out and that’s “When Your Feet Don’t Touch The Ground”. You can listen to this song below.

“When Your Feet Don’t Touch The Ground” is one of the best songs that you will hear this week. Ellie Goulding has really put her energies into this piano-driven modern ballad. There is even a string section towards the end of the song that you will love as much as much the piano-drive earlier part. The vocals are magical and the British star impresses everyone who has a taste for good music.

The track is all about going to another place by flying upwards. This place that Ellie wants you to go is a place of ultimate peace. No one can hurt you and you don’t have to suffer anymore. You can live happily without ever worrying about someone coming into your life and breaking your heart. It’s a kind of a wish that she translates into a song. The song is so powerful that anyone listening to it would immediately want to take the feet off the ground with Ellie Goulding. Listen to the song below and be sure to leave comments about the song.

Listen to “When Your Feet Don’t Touch The Ground” by Ellie Goulding

Post Author: David Watt