shawn mendes hailey baldwin relationship

Shawn Mendes is in a relationship!

Finally, Shawn Mendes has put gay rumors to an end. He is in a relationship. Can you guess who is the lucky girl? It’s Hailey Baldwin who has been the girlfriend of Justin Bieber. She has also dated Drake and Cameron Dallas.

Now she is with Shawn Mendes. How do we know that? Well, they were together, holding hands and someone took a picture of them. It was a concert in Toronto last week. The next day, the couple was seen hugging in a park. That, for me and many others, confirms the news of this new relationship.

Since the 19-year old hasn’t had a relationship earlier, many of us thought he was a gay. But now with this relationship news, it seems clear that Shawn Mendes wants to shrug off these rumors. Although Shawn Mendes denied these rumors on social media, it didn’t help him much. Now with the news of a public relationship with Hailey, the 19-year old doesn’t need to give any more clarifications of his sexual status.

If you are wondering how they looked while hugging in a park, here is the picture. Don’t they look super romantic in this cute picture below?

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┬áNext: Are we expecting a public kiss soon? Is it going to be on the New Year’s Eve? I think this relationship is going to play a huge role in Shawn Mendes’ music inspiration. Are we going to see its influence on his upcoming music?


Post Author: David Watt