Noel Gallagher solo album rumours rumble on….

noel gallagher solo album rumoursThose rumours regarding Noel Gallagher’s forthcoming solo album don’t appear to be dying down any time soon.  Despite the former Oasis leader remaining tight-lipped about his plans, hardly a week goes by without someone behind the scenes ‘accidently’ letting slip.

This time it’e the turn of cameraman Nito Serna, who revealed via Twitter over the weekend that he had been working on the video to a brand new Gallagher single. Serna Tweeted:

“Music video for Noel Gallagher out at Club Ed. Epic camera, techno crane. Should be an interesting day.”

Seeing as Club Ed is a film set in California, and most of the rumours about Noel suggest he has been recording in LA, there does seem to be an element of truth to it all.  Add in the fact that the Tweet was removed quite quickly and you get the sense Noel could well be about to announce his return to music – and would prefer to do it without others letting the cat out of the bag!

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