Nigh lights is Back With a New Single, “Talk To me”. Stream Now:

The alt-pop band from Los Angeles, “Night Lights” is back at it again after two long years with a new song titled, “Talk To me”. The Group consists of three members, “Mau Jimenez”, “Yusuke Sato” and “Dag Hanken”. They dropped their debut song back in 2016 which was titled, “Childish”. It was their last release before this new song.

“Talk To Me” is produced by, “Brian Phillips” and is written by “Mauricio Jimenez”, “Yusuke Sato” and “Dag Hanken”. It was premiered exclusively on the “Billboard”.

The trio expects to excite the fans with this new release as the vocalist, “Mau Jimenez” told media that, “Writing this song really pushed our boundaries and we hope people have as much fun listening to it as we did creating”.

If you ask me, I will say that the group has made a good comeback. Music takes time and they have taken their time too. But who cares? After receiving this catchy pop-infused Rock anthem.

Listen To The Night Lights’ New Song, “Talk To Me”:

What are your reviews about the song? I think they have made a stunning comeback no doubt, they have taken their time, but this song is good enough!

Post Author: David Watt