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Nick Jonas’s Hot Music Video Bacon

Nick Jonas is yet again doing something new with his latest music endeavor.

The young pop star has always branched into multiple areas with his music throughout his career. His latest music video is also a song off his latest album; Last Year Was Complicated. Bacon ft. Ty Dolla $ign may seem at first listen to be about being in love and eating breakfast with your love interest. From a direct transcription of an interview he did to promote LYWC, Nick has been quick to point out that rather the song is about the after moments of a relationship ending and how you discover that life goes on.

Nick Jonas’s New Sizzling Hot Music Video Bacon

The Bacon music video effectively follows through on what Nick intended the song to be about. The scene begins with Nick and a group of friends all wearing LYWC hats entering a burger joint. Inside the patrons are all happy and eating dinner food. Nick Jonas dances around the place, sitting at tables, talking to people there and occasionally serving out platters of food. Hanging out with friends at a restaurant or other public place is not far off from what other people do when they break up with someone and are finally in a happier mindset after recovering. The joy of sharing food to help someone after a breakup is also a relatable aspect for some people.

The song Bacon sounds somewhat similar to the music of the pop singers Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake and Zayn Malik. Nick Jonas has also said that Prince influenced Last Year Was Complicated. Nick actually previously worked with members of Prince’s New Power Generation in the past with his album Nick Jonas and the Administration. In light of Prince’s death, Nick decided to give his latest album a bit of a funky element to it.

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