Song Review: “Holy Water” By Galantis Featuring Cathy Dennis

Galantis (Bloodshy and Style of Eye) are a duo from Sweden who has been given us hit after hit for the last few years. Now they have released a new song called “Holy Water” and it features divine vocals of Cathy Dannis. Cathy was a club queen in the ’90s. We hope this new song does as good as did “Bones“, “I Found U” and “We Can Get High” – last two being collaborations.

“I can’t get down, down from this high,” sings Cathy in the opening lines of the song. “High as a waterfall, if hearts could fly,” diva continues. “I wanna drown in your holy water,” she tells us her ultimate desire in the chorus.

Galantis has also released a music video along with the track. The video has a watery theme and Galantis went ahead to use swimming team Aqualilies for the video. It looks good and synchronizes with the beeps and beats of the track.

This new track “Holy Water” could become a part of Galantis’ next album. We’ve already heard some really good songs and we are sure the future material will also be good. The album is due already since the duo blessed us with their last album nearly an year ago. Watch the video and listen to the song while waiting for any news about the album.

Watch Music Video “Holy Water” By Galantis Featuring Cathy Dennis

Post Author: David Watt