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Single Review: “Take A Number” By Marian Hill Ft. Dounia

Marian Hill has released a new track and it sounds like another amazing banger that showcases Jeremy Lloyd and Samantha Gongol’s amazing vocals. They are not alone in this song as they invited Dounia who managed to bring a whole new dimension to the track.

Samantha sings in the opening verses of the track “Think I know what you’re thinking, how is it that I look so fine. After this fiery line, she goes on to explain how her room is shrinking all the time “And this room it keeps shrinking.”

The opening lines are amazing but the chorus is a killer. “Boy, you look so crisp, you’re a salty little snack,” the track continues and as the chorus ends, it’s time for Dounia to jump in. “Let ’em go, miss his call, you a boss.” It’s clear that Marian Hill is trying to make something new, different, and rather crazy and I totally feel they’ve delivered.

The band also dropped an exciting music video for the track as well. You can check it out below and enjoy this new track.

Watch Music Video “Take A Number” By Marian Hill Ft. Dounia

Post Author: David Watt