Single Review: “Queendom” by AURORA

AURORA has served the lead single from her comeback sophomore album. This new track is titled “Queendom” and it’s an empowering anthem.

This new song “Queendom” is an inspirational anthem that empowers the listeners. If you have never sung along a song, this is the song for you. Similarly, if you don’t have energy to fightback and you are about to give in, this is the song that will empower you. You will finally be able to fightback.

While talking about the song, AURORA explained how this song is a special anthem for her. She told her fans that this track is about her ‘own little world’. She describes this place as a special world where she is at the center and sun is her crown. It’s her hideout – her safe place. It’s small and yet big enough to provide shelter to everyone in the world.

Although it’s kind of a personal anthem, it’s actually more outward and worldly. It’s a good news that AURORA is now expressing a bigger view of the world, with a catchy pop song. The track has an infectious chorus and everything else to make it a huge hit. Give it a listen below and you will fall in love with.

Listen to “Queendom” by AURORA


Post Author: David Watt