Christina Aguilera Loyal Brave True

Single Review + MV: Christina Aguilera’s “Loyal Brave True” Performed Live

Christina Aguilera was live on Jimmy Kimmel, She performed  “Loyal Brave True” for the first time ever completely nailing it, to say the least! 

The Songstress, dressed up in a black and red silk robe completely stole the show delivering a vocal masterclass.

Showing restraint where required and picking up just at the right moment” losing is easy, winning takes bravery” she carries on the Mulan ballad over the traditional guzheng and Chinese drums.”I’m a tiger’s fool out in the open.”

“Should I ask myself in the water, what a warrior would do?” Xtina muses on the chorus. “Tell me underneath my armour, am I loyal, brave and true?”.

Christina’s “loyal, brave and true” could become a big hit with Disney’s Mulan hitting theatres at the end of the month.“Reflection” is also being re-recorded for the film and is yet another reason to go and see it! 

Don’t be amazed if you see this running for ‘Best Original Song’ at the Oscars next year.

New Single Review+ MV: Christina Aguilera’s “Loyal Brave True” performed Live

Post Author: David Watt