New Music Video: Christina Aguilera premiered a fan-made video of “Telepathy”

Do you remember an exclusive series “The Get Down” released by Netflix? Besides how good the series was, do you remember its soundtrack “Telepathy?” Do you know it was sung by Christina Aguilera?

Yes! Christina performed the vocals for “Telepathy”, however, we never expected that she’ll ever promote her song. Surprisingly, last night (October 30th) she premiered a fan-made video of the track.

But, why the visuals run only 1 minute and 30 seconds? The original track is about 3 minutes long. Supposedly, the fan didn’t know if the video will ever get recognition. He/she was definitely not aware that Christina will use it for her track.

Anyway, in the unofficial video, you’ll see Christina lying on an old-fashioned sofa and holding a disco ball between her legs. In her glowing outfit, she must be feeling like a disco queen. You will see Christina performing sassy choreography; moving her hands over her legs in a sexy mood.

In a few scenes you will see make-up artists fixing Christina’s appearance; giving “off-the-screen” feels.

The visuals are quite awesome, and Christina looked really hot. But, why she didn’t release a full music video? That’s confusing! She could have extended the video by more disco-ball playing or add a few more shots with the make-up artists.

Watch: Music Video of “Telepathy” by Christina Aguilera

Post Author: David Watt