Music Review: “Haunted Heart” By Christina Aguilera

Christina Aquilera is back with a creepy bop titled “Haunted Heart.” It’s the perfect time for this kind of creepy song as September is about to end.

“Haunted Heart”, came out today, is a catchy bop. It will be included in the soundtrack for The Addams Family. The song is about a lover and his misery. However, despite being so miserable, the singer loves him because of his smile.

The chorus is pure dope. “My heart is a haunted house. Once you’re in, you ain’t getting out.” It’s a trap and one who enters it won’t ever get out. If someone falls for her, it would be like falling for miles. There is no escaping whatsoever because her heart has no doors and no windows. So there is a way in but no way out. That’s what a haunted heart is like.

As expected, Christina’s vocals are everything. The jazzy production is perfect for the environment that this song demands. While talking about the track and being a part of the project, the hitmaker told fans that she was so happy to be a part of this. Give it a listen below.

Listen To “Haunted Heart” By Christina Aguilera

Post Author: David Watt