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Music:Single Review “Bipolar” By Kiiara

Kiiara has premiered a new single titled “Bipolar” and it’s fire. Her last single “Open My Mouth” was probably the best pop song this summer and now this new single could also turn out to be another hit. The 24-year-old singer is on a roll.

“Bipolar” is the second single from her forthcoming album. It will be her debut album. Like the first anthem we loved so much, this second one is also an emotional anthem. It deals with a relationship and how the love that’s keeping the relationship afloat is basically ‘bipolar’ and has its highs and lows. Now, this bipolar behavior of love sounds like something bad but Kiaara things it’s what’s keeping them together. This love with highs and lows is their real bond.

It’s a powerful confessional anthem that will immediately capture your attention. Give it a listen below.

New Single: “Bipolar” by Kiiara

Post Author: Harvey Dyer