Music Video Review: “Don’t Play It Safe” by Cassie

Cassie has finally given us a music video for her long-time-ago released single “Don’t Play It Safe”. Some of you might have forgotten it already but I’m sure Cassie and her animals will remind you of “Don’t Play It Safe” in these exotic visuals.

Life Garland directed the music video for Cassie’s “Don’t Play It Safe”. It’s got a sunny-day treatment and probably shot somewhere in Miami. In the music video, Cassie will serve as a top model. You will see her posing for various photoshoot sessions. Her beauty shots are simply amazing and you feel the top-model vibes. Cassie certainly knows how to flaunt her body and carrier the clothes she is wearing.

Not only Cassie has brought forward her realness and beauty in this music video, but she has also shown us her love for animals. She uses them throughout the music video. But for those who look closer, there is a clear sign that she doesn’t actually love them. She just wants them to serve in her video. That’s it. How do I know that? Look for the Cassie wearing an animal fur in the video later. If that doesn’t bother you, you’d love the visuals. It’s a perfect music video and I’m sure it’d help Cassie’s “Don’t Play It Safe” song. Watch the official music video below.

Watch “Don’t Play It Safe” by Cassie – Official Music Video

Post Author: David Watt