Music Video: “All Love” By FLETCHER

FLETCHER has premiered the official music video for “All Love” The song is about running into an ex and then realizing that things have changed so much that it rather seems strange. Why? Because her ex has already moved on and has another girl with him now. She sings about it “You walk in the bar with someone holding hands. Introduce me to her, say I’m just an old friend.”

It’s a beautiful song that captures a very sensual moment – an emotion that we don’t usually celebrate. The 25-year-old sings the lines beautifully and brings in the right emotions for the theme of the track.

When she faces her ex, she is not sure what to do to get rid of the pain. “And you ask how I’ve been. I say I’m doing fine but I’m lying.” It’s a moment when you don’t really want to say that you are fine as you want your lover to know how it has been a terrible suffering every since they went apart but she can’t say that. Instead, she tells her ex-lover that she is fine and that there is nothing that’s stopping her moving forward.

The visual matches the lyrics perfectly. Directed by Grant Spanier, the video has a lot of shots that are straight out retelling the story from the song. But the visual also has some conceptual shots as well so you’d like it overall. Watch the music video below.

Watch Music Video “All Love” By FLETCHER

Post Author: David Watt