FLETCHER Brings You a New Song, “Undrunk”. Stream Here:

The American singer and songwriter, “Cari Fletcher” who is better known under her stage name, “FLETCHER” has shared a new song titled, “Undrunk”.

Undrunk marks the American singer’s first official music release after the last March’s, “I belive You”. It will be a part of her forthcoming EP. The EP will be released soon but the official dates are not announced yet.

This new song Undrunk was co-written by FLETCHER with , “Amy Allen”, “Tim Sommers”, “James Ho” and “Jeremy Dussolliet”. Moreover, FLETCHER has already shot the music video for this new song which will be premiered shortly.

Well, if you ask me, I don’t mind the time that FLETCHER has taken to share a new song, because I simply love it. It comes with a sweet production, very relaxing on ears.

What else? The vocals my friend. FLETCHER has uttered soulful vocals, I like the pauses. The lyrics are heart-touching as well. Enjoy!

Listen to the FLETCHER’s new song, “Undrunk”:

What is this song about? Here’s what the American singer said about the song, “I think we’ve all had that person that’s like ripped our hearts out of our chests and stomped on it a million times. You can just wish you could erase them from memory in a way”.

Post Author: David Watt