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Music roundup (no 11)

New music roundup (no.11)

Lots more new music for you to discover in this latest roundup. To see all of the previous new music roundup’s head over to the New Music section. If you know of any cool new bands or artists that could feature in the next roundup let me know in the comments or get in touch on [email protected].

The Child Of Lov – ‘Owl’ (featuring MF Doom)
Amsterdam based producer The Child Of Lov released his self-titled debut album last week, and cleverly chose to promote it by releasing ‘One Day’ featuring Damon Albarn and ‘Owl’, which features the irrepressible MF DOOM on rap duties. It’s pretty awesome, check it out here:

TedZed – ‘I Don’t Mind’
TedZed is a London-based multi-instrumentalist/producer and his first single ‘I Don’t Mind’ casts him in the same mould as Tom Vek. Sometimes you just hear a track and, although it doesn’t feature anything particularly ‘show-stopping’, it just sounds instantly brilliant. This is one of those tracks:

DOLLS – ‘Now Now’
DOLLS aka Nikki Awesome namechecks the likes of Joy Division and Depeche Mode as influences, so as you can imagine she revels in dark, twisted but ultimately beautiful electro-pop – if you have to think in terms of comparisons, then Goldfrapp is probably the closest. You can stream and download her debut album Secret Sulk on her website, or listen to a remix of album track ‘Now Now’ below:

YYZ – ‘Lost In The Mix’
A nice bit of adrenalin-pumping pop music now from YYZ, a new pop band featuring Canadian singer Ali McNally, Dan Gamble (synths and guitar) and Ed Wilder (DJ/FX). ‘Lost In The Mix’ is their debut single, and it perfectly showcases their edgy electro-pop approach with stabbing synths and a silky melody:

SULK – ‘The Big Blue’
This is the second time 90’s revivalists SULK have featured in a new music roundup, following their debut single ‘Flowers’ appearance a few months ago. ‘The Big Blue’ is another superb throwback to all that was good about Britpop – encapsulating a dreamy summer’s day where anything’s possible in the form of a four-minute song. No mean feat:

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