Music: “Hypnotised” by Coldplay – Watch Official Lyric Video

Coldplay recently premiered a new song on YouTube titled “Hypnotised”. This new song is a part of the upcoming Coldplay EP “Kaleidoscope”. This new album is planned for a release this June. It will feature many new songs from the band including “Something Like This” – the recent hit collaboration with The Chainsmokers.

“Hypnotised” is a beautiful song. It will connect with your inner artist in no time. The lyric music video (you can watch it below) is really cool. It kind of hypnotizes you. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself.

Before you listen to the song, the lyric video does the job of consuming you. It opens with ocean waves that create the hypnotic effect. As soon as your brain starts taking the feed, you see the hypnotic reflection of an eagle through the water and there you go…. hypnotized and underwater. Now you’re ready to meet the lyrics. I really loved the way they built it in this official lyric video. Watch it below.

Watch “Hypnotised” by Coldplay – Official Lyric Video

Post Author: David Watt