Maria Carey Shares New Song “The Star” For Christmas

Have you heard of the forthcoming animated movie on Christmas called “The Star”? Well, then you probably have heard of Mariah Carey’s song with the same title that is been featured in it. Maria Carey has welcomed the Holiday season with the good news of her role in The Star. The singer has recorded a new soundtrack of the old Christmas song “The Star” for the movie. The track is going to be released on October 27th while the movie will be out in theaters on November 27th.

“The Star” is purely a holiday movie including animals that are a significant part of the Christmas story as much are their human counterparts. The story focuses on a brave donkey named Bo who goes on an adventure with his friends during the first Christmas ever. Wait, the treat is not over yet! Well, guess what? Oprah Winfrey and Kelly Clarkson have done their voice over for the movie.

Mariah’s Love For Christmas

You can’t talk about Christmas without Carey. Miss Carey is popular for her love of Christmas. The very proof of this is her holiday hit “All I Want for Christmas Is You,” which peaked at No. 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2016.

Be it 1994 or 2016, Mariah Carey sure knows how to get along with Christmas hits. Let’s see how much The Star makes this time!

Post Author: David Watt